Hi, these are my inventions + crafts

Hello, today is a Sunday and I am going to share some of my recent ides for my inventions.

For my broom and dustpan, I decided not to make it out of paper. For when I post it so you can purchase it, I think that it should be made out of stronger material. Because of this, I decided to use a 3-D printer, which my dad has in his office, to print out a dustpan just like the one I made out of paper. I am also going to 3D print the handle for the broom. Then I am going to hot glue some silicone strings to make cleaning your desk much easier. By the way, if you have no idea what broom and dustpan I am talking about, be sure to check out the pictures I have posted to go with this.

My ideas for inventions are… oops I forgot but I will tell you as soon as I remember.

Well, bye for now!


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