The Unbeatable Lily Hong 2-20-2024

I read chapter nineteen, and this is my summary for it.

Lily missed Comic Con because of a school field trip, and is disappointed about it just for a bit. Lily also is making a film for a school competition she hopes to win because middle school has never won. Because of this, she is late to her dance practice each day. She has to lie to many people because of this, especially her friends. One friend, Tina, caught her in one of her lies, and is now not talking to her. Lily’s archenemy, Max Zhang, has become her friend and goes to the same dance practice as Lily does. Soon Max invites her to see the plans he has made for the community center, which is like Lily’s home.

The plans Max has made are to tear down the community center and in it’s place build a tall, expensive building. Lily doesn’t like this idea one bit. Then they get into a fight and don’t make up.

Thank you so much for reading this! To find out more about Lily and Max, you can find the heading “The Unbeatable Lily Hong 2-21-2024. Bye!


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