Chapter Every Day!

By reading my posts, you can learn all about the books I have recently read, and purchase the things that I make and invent!

A great way to entertain yourself

Books can take you on wild rides and adventures. Sure, some people think TV is entertaining, but I usually read books instead of watching things, so I hope you do too!

My favorite books

The books I read the most are Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew, anything by Beverly Cleary, Best Wishes, and Whatever After.

My favorite places

My favorite places are the library, my room, and finally my desk/art table.

Telling others

If you enjoy reading my posts, make sure to tell you’re friends and family about my blog.

Books for you

If you are 0-3, I recommend 5-minute-stories. 4-7, Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew or Star Wars stories. And finally, if you are 8 or older, you should read Whatever After books.


Summaries are like a shortened story that only include the important parts.

Other things I like

I also enjoy crafting, gardening, cooking, and playing outside.


I not only enjoy reading but also inventing! I recently invented a skateboard with a handle made just for beginners!


  • Crafts can be useful
  • They are fun to make
  • And you can buy mine here!
  • Purchasing my items is easy
  • Things I make are cheap but high-quality
  • You can learn how fun crafts can be!

“I like to have a book that I want to keep reading and never stop, because that means I have a good book.”

Faith Wessley

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